Stuart Stotts, Peformer, Educator, Author

Stuart’s Recordings are available from a variety of online sources, as well as from him directly.

Everybody Started Out Small
CD cover - Everybody started out small (with Tom Pease)
Celebrate CD
CD cover - celebrate (with Tom Pease)
Are We There Yet? CD
Are We There Yet?
One Big Dance CD
CD cover - One Big Dance
The Loathsome Lady CD

I'm a Teacher Not a Babysitter
CD cover - I'm a teacher not a Babysitter


Who Is My Neighbor?
book cover - Who is My Neighbor?
Books in a Box
Books in A Box Cover
The Bookcase Ghost
CD cover - Bookcase Ghost
Curly Lambeau
Curly Lambeau Cover
I'm not Scared
I'm Not Scared Cover

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